Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Link Love!

A little Tuesday link love for you.

- Things With Antlers by Marc Johns. HI. Genius. Mad love.

- Treehouse of Amaze over at Kristatomic. I want all of them. And I think my new life goal is to live in a tree.

- Garfield Minus Garfield. Self explanatory, yeah? I was "reading" it at work and kept making awkward trying-not-to-laugh faces. Adorkable.

- Not a link, but it's still on the internets and worth sharing. Cocorosie's response to Akon's song I Wanna Fuck You. Which I actually super secretly love... but Cocorosie just blows Akon's ass right out of the water.

- Gala's repost from a zine on Infinite Relationships is definitely worth a read, at the very least.

- Dogs Looking Like People is nothing but ridiculous love.

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