Monday, April 6, 2009

Perfect Foods

This conversation took place at least twice over the weekend. We were trying to figure out our top five "perfect" foods. They had to be a single item- not a dish- and it helped if your reaction to it was something along the lines of "This is fucking genius!" This is my list, full of stolen pictures. I also can't say that they are actually in order, but they all have major staying power in my life. They also aren't always my "favorites", but I still think that they are perfect.

Credit: SurlyGrrrl


Credit: job_earth


Credit: Marx Foods

Salmon (wild Alaskan)

Credit: Renamian

Chocolate (the real kind)

Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell



What are yours, bb?


Becca said...

Pretty much everything you said, but sub macadamias for the almonds. Oh, and strawberries for the chocolate. oh nom nom nom!

Laila said...

Avocados FTW!!!!!

mant said...

1: bacon
2: eggs
3: cheese
4: bread
5: beer

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