Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Haps!

I just Googalendar'd (yes) some boring things like Dr.'s appointments and getting paid (hah) and thought:

1. I need more Google Calendar buddies. So add me if you use it. DO IT. renai.marie(at)gmail(dot)com. And if you don't already then you should. The same goes for Google Reader.

2. I'm not boring anymore(!!!)

I also thought that if you aren't already stalking me via Google, you could just blog stalk me instead. Love love. Who doesn't like blog stalking???

Some stuffs that are coming up:

April 11th: Vancouver, BC with the boy and his fam! We're staying in some swanky ass hotel downtown and probably just going to spend too much money. Fine by me!

April 14th: Feminist Book Club! Back in action! If any ladies are interested in starting to come to meetings just holler in my direction. We drink wine and talk about sex more than anything else, but it's a really good time and no pressure to read a ton or agree with everyone or be all activisty or anything else either. We generally meet every other week in Wallingford.

April 17th-19th: Filmed By Bike in Portland! Heading down mid-day with a truck full of boys to cause heaps of trouble all weekend. So good. I'm staying with David and Ryan too, so all the better. I miss them too much all the time. There's also a race going on in Pekin, Illinois this weekend that I'm sponsoring. So, uh... go?

April 24th-26th: MOM! I love it when she visits. I am a mama's girl big time and I hate being so far away from her. Boohoo. This weekend also overlaps two lovely ladies birthdays. Mmm.

That's it for a sweet while. West Side Invite in May which I'm throwing in three top tube pads as prizes for. Maybe I should try riding my bike sometime.

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