Sunday, April 5, 2009


So much good in three little days.

Friday night Mant Jerkson picked me up and we went to his lady friends house to make pizza. I don't even remember what went on each of the two- but there were definitely quail eggs and green tomatoes involved. Heaven heaven heaven. Then we watched some terrible movie and went to an even more terrible bar on Beacon Hill. Terrible in all the right ways.

Saturday Matao and I decided to act like old people and walked around Greenlake. We ate some bad food, then I went to Becca's where I tried to befriend her new cat and instead he just scratched me. Story of my life. I don't even know how the rest of the night happened, but either way it was gooooooood.

Today Matao took me to breakfast at The Sunlight, then Chi Chi met up with us to go on a bike ride! We just went to Gasworks at first, but after Matao left to go to work we rode to Fremont and made eyes at Bubba so he gave us free pizza. We ate it on the sidewalk and made fun of crusties. Oops. We ended up riding out to Golden Gardens, and on the way April tried to take us both out. I heard this giant crash behind me and was so afraid to turn around and see what happened. She scraped her ankle. How does that happen??? Every time I fall I break half of my body, I swear. We got lots of sand in our shoes and got hollered at a million times. We rode back to Fremont and bummed free dinner off of Matao which was delicious and amazing. Then we got lost at Woodland Park, then rode around Greenlake and then finally home. I seriously can't believe that I wore a tshirt all day today, and last week I was riding in gloves and a jacket. ILY Seattle weather. Mmmm.

Now it's 9 o'clock and I totally just want to go to bed. Windows open.

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