Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Price Yourself

Yowch. Major blow to the ego.

Inspired by a zinger of a comment from a customer of mine about pricing because- "it's just a __________. I didn't expect it to be that much".

I price my labor based on two things- the first being what the average going rate is for sewing/tailoring/working with specialty fabrics, and the second being what I believe that my time is worth.

Based on what I sell most of my work for- I know that I'm not asking too much. This project happened to be rather large and time consuming- thus the "high" price.

So, now I'm curious. How much would you sell yourself for? This pertains to any skill-set at all. Whether it's playing/writing music, baking the best cookies ever, being really good at doing laundry, or anything else that tickles you the right way. How much do you feel your skills are worth?

Me? I'm priceless. But that breaks down to about $33/hr on an invoice.


zombiehearts said...

baby, you ARE priceless. But I guess some people just don't understand what that prices out to in reality. :(

becca said...

timebank! i price myself as tradable, or 350 cocoa beans.

walkster said...

in a perfect world...

playing music: $100/show
drum lessons: $20/hr
composing music: $100+ per piece
graphic design: $100+ per piece
web design: $500+ per project

I think after you have the skills to make things yourself, you really can appreciate why certain services/items cost "so much money".

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