Wednesday, April 29, 2009


No, I did not forget about you. However, I finally gave in and did the most obnoxious thing ever.


That isn't real excitement... more of obnoxious excitement. And no, my lack of blogging has nothing to do with Twitter.

Today is one of those weird days where I feel like I'm just sort of floating along. My horoscope says it's supposed to be a "9 day", but we will see about that. So far today: I came to work without showering, I only have one contact in, I somehow forgot to put on a bra while getting dressed, I sneakily got myself out of a parking ticket (not my car), I can't spell anything for shit, I just realized that I actually did in fact pay for my business license to be renewed (but a month and a half later I still haven't gotten it), and I have finally come to a full-on conclusion that a whole bunch of people that I have done business with in some way or another in the past few months are ASSHOLES.

But it's sunny out and avocados are on sale and I'm going to eat yogurt for lunch. So, whatevs. Today can kiss it. I refuse to be in a bad mood.


Becca said...

Make mango-avocado salsa. For serious. It is SO DELICIOUS and you will love it.


I'm drooling now.

Anonymous said...

twitter is what all the cool kids are doing when they're not blogging.

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