Monday, March 23, 2009

Instant Oatmeal & Pickup Truck Nostalgia

Oh, I am a genius!

Er... sort of.

I love oatmeal. I prefer the thick cut kind that you have to cook and get to add lots of things to. I started eating instant oatmeal when I was riding my bike to work every day, because I needed something other than the piece of toast I'd eaten when I got up to hold me over. "Hold me over" until about 10 am when I get hungry again. I AM AN EATING MACHINE! CHOMP CHOMP! Anyway. Instant oatmeal sucks. Hands down. It gets gluey and is usually really, really sugary. And in my little hippie world- extra sugar (where it doesn't belong) is blehhh. Blahhhh blehhhh. I had this theory that I could buy quick cooking oats and just add whatever I wanted- then add hot water and let it goop up the same way I would with packaged instant oatmeal. I came up with this idea probably a month ago, and finally tried it out last night. SUCCESS! It's still sort of gluey and mushy, but I don't think that's avoidable. I just dumped 4 cups of quick cooking oats, 1/2 cup raw sugar (brown would be better), a scant handful of flax seeds, a big handful of walnuts, and a few teaspoons of cinnamon and one of ginger. I mixed it all around- then threw a handful in a bowl and added just enough almost boiling water to get it goopy and let it sit for a few minutes. It totally worked, and it totally only cost me about $4. I'd be getting about a sixteenth of that for the same price if I bought it pre-packaged. I rule.

Other than that- the weather right now is that weird perfect Juneau summer weather. Yes, summer. Really. Good thing I'm in Seattle and it's still winter. This weather gives me the worst nostalgia. It makes me miss my truck and driving way way out the road. Mike asked me to contribute to his blog- The Quarterly Mixtape Project today- so with that idea in mind I ended up making a mix that I would have listened to four years ago. My last summer in Juneau with my truck. And Mike is probably like "hay girl wtf?" because I didn't send this to him- but that's because I made a different one for that, bizzay. And I know that it's not raining in this picture- but whatevs. Lookit how cute my truck was. Sad.

The Anniversary- All Things Ordinary
Pete Yorn- Strange Condition
Millencolin- The May Flay
Pedro The Lion- Start Without Me
Braid- A Dozen Roses
Jets To Brazil- You're Having The Time of My Life
Cursive- Art Is Hard
Saves The Day- Third Engine
Hey Mercedes- Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday
Against Me!- Reinventing Axl Rose (acoustic)
Samiam- Mexico
Smashing Pumpkins- Eye
The Honorary Title- Cats In Heat
The Faint- Glass Danse
Lifetime- 25 Cent Giraffes
The Stryder- King of Coronas
The Fire Theft- Waste Time
Matt Skiba- Good Fucking Bye
Q And Not U- Y Plus White Girl
Gravity And Henry- Wellbutrin
Denali- Surface
Further Seems Forever- Monachetti
The Unicorns- Sea Ghost

I can't figure out if it's sad or amazing that I still listen to a lot of these songs. Oh, me. Wutaboutchu?

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