Sunday, March 8, 2009


Sunday is my new official do-nothing day. Which really means that I get a ton of shit done. I even Google Calendar'd "Do Nothing" from 9 am to 11 pm today- because I'm that hardcore about it.

Really, what it comes down to- is that when I have a million things that I need to get done, I end up more and more stressed out and thus end up not doing anything at all. I am also 1. the queen of procrastinators, and 2. incredibly stubborn, even when it comes to telling myself to do something.


But, it's what I've got to work with.

So in allowing myself a day where I don't have to do anything- I end up wanting to do a lot more. Reverse psychology that, biatch.


- Dragged Matao to the store at 9 am and bought groceries.

- Made tofu scramble and seasoned potatoes that put most breakfast places to shame. SHAME.

- Lazy bones for a little while.

- Cleaned the kitchen.

- Started and finished prizes for both Future Tense and the lap race coming up next weekend. (Yes I still need to finish the Davidson bag, and Davey's bag too!) I am bad!

- Meditated, which led to taking an hour and a half nap. As I told Becca earlier- I am terrible at meditating. Mmm but it was a good nap.

- Updated my resume.

- Hula hooped/danced around my apartment for a good 45 minutes.

- Laundry! Yay!

- I currently have the dishwasher running and muffins baking.

WIN. I really wish I didn't have to go to work, and I could spend all day every day baking, sewing, napping, and hula hooping. WTF life.

Oh- and just to counteract today- Thursday is "Be Productive" day. Mostly just because I have a Google Calendar problem, and because it's a good excuse to hang out with Becca. We'll probably just make food and talk shit, but at least it looks good written down.


I actually meant to just post these, and not all of that, so here:

- How to get by on 5 hours of sleep. Kind of interesting and probably something I should be a little more conscious of. YOU TOO. The linked articled about sleep paralysis scared the shit out of me, though. I've had it a few times in the past few years and it's absolutely terrifying. I actually refused percocet in the ER when I broke my face because it always causes it for me. BAD NEWS.

- IMGSpark is my newest obsession, and a lot better than Tumblr. Or at least I think so. I really wish this had existed when I was going to school for fashion design. My library is here if you want to be a lurker. And don't worry- I'm sifting out my "art" tag, since it's basically the most nondescript, useless crap tag ever.

- Make your own daifuku (mochi!) In the microwave, even. Def doing this in the next few weeks.

- 25 Things About My Sexuality blog. I think that this is absolute genius. Probably just because I'm a perv. Anyone can participate and it's completely confidential. I think this is super awesome because so many people have issues talking about sex and their sexuality and I LOVE talking about it.

You look back and see how hard you worked and how poor you were, and how desperately anxious you were to succeed, and all you can remember is how happy you were.
— Jack London

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DJ Mercy said...

The bag is fecking amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! I love you!

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