Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Salad Looks Like A Smoothie.

Too bad it still tastes like a salad.


I like putting greens in smoothies, but I kind of failed on this one. Choke it down!!! Peaches + baby greens + homemade cinnamon applesauce + flax seed + cranberry grape juice. Ewwie ew ew ew. So much for my "using up what's in the house" theory. DON'T DO IT!!!

I have weird eating habits normally anyway, but I feel like lately it's been much worse. But maybe not. I'm a poor judge of that.

I made really fantastic oatmeal cookies earlier this week, based off of this recipe. I made them with flax eggs and walnuts instead of raisins (ew). I also made Kahlua coconut milk ice cream last night when Schliebe was over, but we ate too many tacos to even touch it. Sad. But delicious. No pictures of that.

Howevs- here is some evidence of my kale love, as well as the unicorn shitting rainbows cake, and in-progress shots of my applesauce. Mmm.

(Vegan) lime pound cake with raspberry buttercream. Sounds amazing- but it made me feel like I was about to have a heart attack or puke up glitter.

Soba noodles with wilted kale, peas, tofu, cilantro, and a sweet chili/garlic soy sauce.

Basically the same thing, just executed differently. This was with peanut (actually almond, but whatev) sauce, and didn't photograph very well.

Applesauce in the making. It's quite possibly the easiest thing ever. I usually make it when I realize that I've been stockpiling apples and not actually eating any of them. You just throw chopped up apples in a big pot with a splash of water and some cinnamon if you want and steam away until the apples are mushy. I throw mine in the food processor to make it smooth- but a potato masher works well too if you like it chunky.


Blah blah.

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