Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Is Not A Food Blog

But, maybe it should be.

In the midst of all of the nothing that I've been doing lately- I have at the very least been cooking.

I have a lot of things right now that I'd like to experiment with... but instead I keep making everything else.

I'm on a kale kick right now. Big time. As in I've been eating it for every meal other than breakfast for the past three days. There's something about it that reminds me of eating wild fiddleheads when I was younger.

Photo credit: Vegan Yum Yum

I haven't had a fiddlehead in years, and I honestly have no idea where to find them here. I should probably start checking farmers markets in the next few months.

Anyway. Kale. I love intense, hearty greens that you have to cook to be able to eat. Lettuce can eff right off, as far as kale is concerned.

Last night I made fried mashed potato balls- with kale, roasted tomatoes and garlic, and caramelized onions, plus half of the spice cabinet at Becca's. So, so good. Other than that I've been eating a lot of kale and soba noodles with peanut or sweet chili sauce. It's so simple, but so, so good.

There just isn't a lot going on in my daily life right now. I'm sort of allowing myself to take a break from being so stressed out all the time- but for some reason that just equates to being at home a lot.

Which means that I'm cooking a lot. 'Cause that's how I do. Pictures and recipes when I'm home later. I just felt like I should probably update.

Oh- and another thing. I'm no longer "claiming" veganism. I like nice cheeses and I enjoy cooking with them, so I'm getting back into that again. Most of my cooking will still lean to more of the vegan side- but I'm more likely now to post some of my seafood recipes as well as some not-so-vegan dishes. On top of that- I became vegan to see how it affected my health. It made a huge difference (so did laying off the booze!) and now I'm at a point where I've found a nice balance with minimal amounts of dairy in my diet. Hoorah.

And I know my blog is boring lately. Sorry babies. Sometimes I am boring.

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becca said...

yay the cake made it on! love you girl

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