Sunday, March 29, 2009


Things that I forgot about:

1. I hate riding on the Burke Gilman. HATE.

2. Bugs. My favorite thing about riding in the winter is the fact that there are no bugs. Today was the first day that even remotely resembled spring and I definitely got a mouthful of bugs. Mmm. I guess I should probably just be grateful that I didn't get an eyeful instead. Spring is good for bandannas.

3. Contacts rule. I can see everything all the time now and it's like magic!

4. Pancakes. We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast this morning and they were SO GOOD. Oh yeah and that reminds me- we had to go to two grocery stores just to get chocolate chips and bacon (for Matao) this morning, because some dickweed was walking around Ravenna/Roosevelt burning sage and going into every open business and trying to set fire alarms off. We had to leave Whole Foods and then ran into him again at QFC and apparently the cops were looking for him. NICE. Why do people pull that shit? He told us he was trying to cleanse the grocery store. Thanks dude!

5. Fruit beer. Oh man. It mostly just makes me think of Pyramid Apricot Hef and Lake Chelan but that's a story for another day. I had a sour peach ale at Brouwers on Friday night and it was killer.

6. Even though it is now technically spring, and Seattle is usually warm by now- IT'S STILL COLD. I hate it and I always forget every time I leave my apartment.

Things I just figured out that I love:

1. Department of Eagles.

2. Pandora. This is so genius. I recently moved everything off of my computer onto an external hard drive which included my music. Now I not only have access to all of my old music, but it's such a good way to find new bands. How the hell do I never know about these things until forever later? I am so uncool. Shit.

3. Sneaking into certain chocolate factories in the middle of the night to munch samples and get spooked out. I will not name names!

4. Waste Of Paint. I have a Tumblr problem.

5. Design*Sponge. I could cry looking at some of the kitchens on here. Give me.

6. BINGO! Gay Bingo to be exact. I went last night with my co-worker Kim. OH WAIT KIM ISN'T MY CO-WORKER ANYMORE. Kill me.


I am not ready for the weekend to be over. No thanks.


Brittany said...

I look at Design*Sponge every Saturday morning. I looove it!

DJ Mercy said...

I initially thought it was called Design*Spooge. It sounds better.

Becca said...

I rode my bike this morning and my hands almost fell off. SOOO COLD!

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